1. Wearing of Masks: We are not mandating the wearing of masks. Sandy Cove does not require  its guests to wear masks but considers itself a “mask-friendly” campus. The Maryland health  department recommends that unvaccinated guests should wear a mask but, because this is  a recommendation and not a requirement or mandate, Sandy Cove does not enforce it. It is the prerogative of each attendee to choose to wear a mask or not.
  2. Vaccinations: We are not mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for attendees. Sandy Cove does  not require vaccinations for its guests. Getting vaccinated is a personal health decision for each attendee.
  3. Pre-Travel Screening: Sandy Cove stipulates that guests are not allowed at the retreat center  if they are experiencing tell-tale COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone experiencing a fever (100.4°F  or higher) should stay home. CG leaders must ensure that any registrants showing COVID-19 symptoms do not travel to Sandy Cove.
  4. Check-in Screening: Before keys are handed to registrants at Sandy Cove, a temperature  check will be taken to ensure there is no fever (100.4°F or higher). 
  5. Onsite Safety: We encourage everyone to use best safety practices and utilize hand sanitizing  dispensers provided all around the retreat center. We will be conducting daily temperature  checks. Anyone who shows COVID-19 symptoms will be isolated and quarantined away from  the rest of the attendees and their listed emergency contact will be contacted. We will  continue to give the opportunity for attendees to select their preferred roommates.

6. Waivers: Sandy Cove has requested that we hand in a COVID-19 waiver for each attendee.  Attendees ages 18+ may sign their own form. Attendees under the age of 18 must have a  legal guardian sign the form. These waivers will be provided six (6) weeks before the  conference start date and collected two (2) weeks before the conference starts.